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Canine Flu in North Carolina

A few cases of Canine influenza have been confirmed in North Carolina this year. Here are some points to be aware of should you have any concerns. Our Local news affiliate covers some of the questions pet owners have. Click here for a link to the article on their Website. We have also provides and [...]

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Plasma Injections Promote Healing at Quartet

Pets are living longer these days.  While this is great news, there is increasing opportunity for injuries and degenerative conditions to develop as pets age.  To address these health care concerns new therapies are being investigated and developed. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has surfaced through these efforts and has been received with enthusiasm in the [...]

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Total Hip Replacement at Quartet

Canine Total Hip Replacements (THR) are performed for patients with moderate to advanced hip dysplasia with the goal of returning them to optimal performance.  Since we began our THR program in 2003, we have enjoyed watching many patients return for their 8 week post operative visit, walking much more comfortably than before surgery.  Pictured [...]

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Neurosurgery at Quartet

Did you know neurological evaluations and neurosurgery are performed by our surgeons at Quartet?  This good looking poodle, Terry, became paralyzed after he herniated a disc in his back.  Within a few hours of admission to Quartet, Terry had an MRI to identify the exact location of his injury.  With his diagnosis confirmed, [...]

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Our Valentine’s Day Surprise!!!

Wow!  What an awesome way to start the day!  At 9:30 this morning, a car pulled up to our front door and four smiling men, all dressed alike in crisp white shirts, black ties and black pants, jumped out and came in the door.   They told us they just had to stop in when they [...]

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Canine Cadets visit Quartet!

  Canine Cadets visit Quartet!  Did you know that the specialty practice at Quartet participates in the radiographic evaluation and certification of many of our TSA Canine Cadets?  In the past 5 months the Quartet specialty team has participated in the certification of 171 of our country’s finest four legged TSA agents. Next time you [...]

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Quartet’s Harmonious Patient Care

Patient Service: Patients are cared for as if they are our very own pets. The Quartet veterinary teams are specialized in emergency, surgery, and rehabilitation, and our collaboration enables us to deliver the best care in an efficient manner. Your pet will benefit from experienced board-certified surgeons, a 24/7 emergency staff, advanced diagnostics and [...]

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The Story Behind the Name Quartet

Why Quartet?  The name “Quartet” was chosen to represent the four entities involved in the advanced care process: the Patient, the Pet Owner, the Referring Veterinarian, and the Specialist/Referral Practice.  We each play an important role in the health and well-being of your pet.  Our goal is to ensure that, as a quartet, we all [...]

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Quartet Construction History

This has been quite an exciting journey to watch our new hospital evolve to the building you see on the left.  We have watched as the muddy ruins of the ground clearing in December of 2015, became a smooth concrete pad in February 2016.  Up sprung a skeleton of rafters and beams in mid-March [...]

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