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Veterinary Technician

Job Summary

The veterinary technician facilitates the efficient completion of the daily patient care, radiographs and treatments, anesthetic events, instrumentation and facility cleaning and maintenance.

Duties and Responsibilities

Review surgical case records, note any special situations/requests, facilitate the surgical cases in the order that complies with the doctors’ appointment schedule, case triage, staff and equipment availability. Facilitate outpatient appointments and patient discharge appointments.

Communicate with the supervising technician and other team members about the plan of the day. Coordinate your lunch break to facilitate the surgical schedule. Ensure the standards of patient care and medical treatment are at the highest level consistently throughout the day. Work to resolve any equipment instrumentation issue and report any unresolved issues to the practice manager. Review the patient transfer orders for PM care. Coordinate your tasks and “work smart” to exit on schedule. Arrive at work promptly and be clocked in and ready to work in accordance with your schedule.

Report to the practice manager or supervising technician about the work flow, surgical case management, mistakes/errors, concerns and positive things about the day. Pose solution based suggestions for improving workflow and daily operations. Work in the spirit of facilitating our practice mission and workplace culture.

Send resumé via email to jobs@quartetvet.com.

  • current RVT/LVT license
  • teamwork and camaraderie
  • conflict resolution
  • prioritization of job tasks
  • present solution based answers to problems that arise
  • excellent time management and communication skills
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